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Joel Lundberg has appeared in a number of distinguished Swedish magazines.

Gods & Gårdar (Estates & Mansions) nr 2/2003. A distinguished Swedish magazine specializing in Swedish mansions and estates. The Kastenhof feature mentioning Joel's works was published in this issue.

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The owners of The Castenhof Castle; Paul and Helen are eager to preserve the original character of the castle. Behind the building lies a well tended garden with a beautiful fountain.

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Victorian window. The stained glass window was made by the artist Joel Lundberg. The hallway with an open fireplace in Swedish marble serves as a lounge.

Joel's exhibition at the Kungsbacka City Library, Sweden 2002

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Stora Wäsby Castle

Stora Waesby is one of Sweden's best preserved private owned estates building upon an unbroken  tradition kept by the separate owners since the days of the distinguished De Geer family in 1668.
The symmetrically built houses and landscape gardening are also found on an 18th century oil painting.

Even the stone built orangery is visible on the painting. Especially notable is the stylish architectonic interior of the galleries along the sides with its arcades. The interior reveals special utility buildings that housed tropical plants in specially heated rooms during the winter season. These rooms where also used as lounges during the spring and summer.

Stora Wäsby

Ever since its rise the Stora Waesby Castle serves as one of Sweden's most admired cultural monuments. Carl Gustaf Tessin, one of the 18th century's most famed connoisseurs, considered the castle as "the fairest site in all of Sweden".

Lars Sjöberg,


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Insight protection and adornment (53x37 inches) Stora Waesby Castle, the west wing.

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Joel also makes bracket candlesticks and lamp globes in stained glass As shown, here in the west wing of the Stora Waesby Castle.

Grand thoughts behind glass


Joel Lundberg wants his art to be beautiful, a sensation of beauty that lifts you up instead of turning you down. At the moment he's preparing at his summer resort in Langasand. But the rest will be short. In August his greatest work of art is to be finished and ready for installation at the University of Halmstad.

Hasty works is no business for Joel Lundberg. He's having a hard time understanding the minds of artists who haphazardly assemble something for some casual display. As an artist he himself has chosen a very time consuming way of expressing himself, namely The Art Of Stained Glass. − I'm no fan of minimalism. Whenever I create something I do it wholeheartedly, with all my soul, he says. This interview is held at his family's summer resort in Langasand, right south of the city of Falkenberg, Sweden. His wife, Ina, is a native of Halmstad as well as Joel who has his family roots in the same Swedish county; Halland. His mother originates from here. The Lundberg family usually lives in Gothenburg where he also has his studio. The wall is to be finished at the same time as the opening ceremony of the new premises of the Halmstad University by the 15th of August. The wall consists of 200 colorful pieces of glass entitled "The Tree Of Knowledge" − It depicts our planet in the vast Universe, which fits perfectly in a place like this. I intend to show the viewers with man's achievements my work of art, but also the distance still left for us, Joel says. Joel already has installed one window by the entrance of the school.

Joel i arbete

The work depicts the Tree of Knowledge. Even here Joel wanted to entice the viewers to reflection.

− Knowledge is power. Then it's up to man whether he  wants to use this power to serve or to rule, Joel says. He's fully convinced about what he wants to convey through his art.

− I'm a true visionary who wants to lift the viewer up instead of pulling him down. The famed French painter Monet once said that you carry a responsibility towards your audience

I surely agree with that. I want to convey a sensation of beauty to the viewer thus I feel the importance of the craft behind the art, Joel continues. He started his working career in another line of work far from the responsibility involved in the making of stained glass.

− I started out as a decorator in the advertisement business. After studying art in the U.S.A. he started his own business specializing in stained glass, he says. The last fifteen years I've been commissioned with a lot of interior works at cafés, private homes an public buildings.

The back scene of The Halmstad University is his biggest commission yet. Hopefully it will pave the way fulfilling a dream he's had for some time.

− I want to create a set of four walls depicting the four seasons, that would really be something, Joel concludes.

Told exclusively by the reporter and journalist of The Halland News:

KAJSA JONSSON, Phone: +46 (0) 346-29071

Joel also cooperates with:

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Salesmanager for The Gripshoms Hus real estate firm western Sweden area: Mikael Ullström


Architect Uno Huggert

KUNGÄLV. Phone: +46 (0) 303-102 04

Uno is a close friend of mine with a specialty to turn simple shacks into palaces ...

Villa Mollesund

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The fairytale of the fisherman's shack...

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One crafty architect later - yes, it is the same house as the one above!

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Joel added beauty with his stained glass window for the villa at Mollesund.